WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD, RDX

WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD, RDX was highly influential in founding the breed’s modern working bloodlines.

Black tri with brown eyes and docked tail.
Sire: Hartnagle’s Hud
Dam: Las Rocosa Jacqueline (a half sister to Shiloh).
DOB: 10-28-1978
Height 20 ¾ inches
Weight: 55 pounds
OFA AS-1543 Good

Charlie was the pick of the litter. I named him Charlie Glass after a black cowboy who rode on the Colorado-Utah range in the early 1900s and was later featured in The Legend of Charlie Glass by Walker D. Wyman and John D. Hart.

Las Rocosa Charlie Glass went to work for Don Donham who was handling the sheep for the Fort Ellis Research Station in Bozeman Montana. Charlie was an authoritative header with a natural outrun. He exhibited natural wear and used grip on “rough or deserving stock.”

Once when working rams inside a barn a testy Suffolk ram charged and butted him against a wall. It broke his hind leg, but he never quit working until he was called off. They ended up putting a pin in his leg. After he healed up he went back to work.

Charlie was a really fun dog. He was good natured and quite a clown. He was also very gentle with kittens, bunnies and puppies.

Charlie is pictured on the timeline (1974) with a small flock below Mount Ellis:

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  1. Very nice to read about Charlie! Keep up the good work. Love, Silja

  2. I agree with Silja.

    Jeanne, you and your family are a national treasure for those of us that are Aussie owners and fans.
    Please continue to share your unique knowledge with the rest of us, it’s truly appreciated.

    Now, if you and your family could just find the time to post more often…

  3. When will we get news?? I love to read all you write but it is time that you write more..! =) Love, Silja

  4. Jeanne Joy, it is a so great time and pleasure to read your history posts about the breed! It is so important for Aussie People to know the ancestors and remember they were primarily working dogs!
    We are raising about 330 sheep in France and are now involved in working aussies and we want to keep working instinct in the breeding, with longevity and good temperament.
    I love knowing about your dogs and get pictures!
    Go on giving us history!

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