Tail Docking and Animal Rights

Have the bans on tail docking been instituted for the wellbeing of dogs including the Australian Shepherd? Or is it part of the political movement that funds mandatory spay/neuter bills such as AB 1634 (http://www.petpac.net/) in the California State Senate, and other proposed laws that take away your rights to own and enjoy animals.

If you are under the belief that ‘Animal Rights’ is about the welfare of animals, you need to wake up and smell the skunk. “Animal Rights” is not about “Animal Welfare.” Before you donate another penny to any organization with hidden agendas to subsidize legislation restricting your rights of responsible ownership visit this webpage: http://www.freewebs.com/animalrightsandyou/

also visit: http://www.saveourdogs.net/

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  1. Wake up and smell the BIG, Giant, STINKY skunk !!! So many people are drawn into these Animal rights ideas, when they are not about the welfare of animals, but suport the mandatory spay, neuter proposed laws. The agenda of these groups is to stop the breeding of pure bred dogs completely. The sensationalisum many of these extreme groups use generates alot of big money from well meaning people that dont understand the real agenda of groups. Outlawing tail docking is only one of the many roots into undermining our rights to own and breed animals.

  2. I have not heard of this link between extreme animal rights organizations and tail docking. I read some of the historical and supposed health reasons for docking tails, and none of it appears reasonable to me, unless I am missing some pertinent information about health and welfare issues related to maintaining natural tails. I raise sheep (with naturally short tails) and livestock guardians with long and sometimes very hairy tails, and yes, the dogs can pick up burs and twigs on occasion, but we don’t advocate docking tails on that basis. Some ranchers will shear their dogs if the coat is too thick, especially in hot and humid summer conditions – they can also shear tails if need be.

    Puppies feel pain – chopping off ears or tails at any age is barbaric, period. I would have a hard time justifying this practice unless I could be convinced it would save the life of an animal, or prevent even worse pain and suffering later on (which is used to explain the docking of lamb tails). I am not an extreme animals rights advocate or a vegetarian, but I believe in humane treatment of all animals, including the ones we plan to eat.

  3. Another thought occurred to me regarding this link between extreme animal rights groups and tail docking. If dog breeders refrained from cosmetic surgery on their dogs eg. tail docking and ear cropping, extremist groups could not use these practices as ammunition and support for their ultimate goal of preventing the breeding of dogs for work and companionship.

    I realize there are many shades of gray in this issue of humane treatment of domestic pets. For instance, one breeder of a traditional livestock guardian breed would not sell her dogs to a working situation because of the risk she felt the dogs would be exposed to. When I visited her kennel, I saw rows of caged, fat dogs who were rarely let out for proper exercise – they were ‘show’ dogs apparently. I happen to know that when our dogs are working and able to perform their traditional jobs, nothing makes them happier, not even a steak dinner or a good belly rub. It’s the kenneled dogs with decreased longevity, higher risks for obesity-related diseases, and with a boring life that I feel sorry for. My perspective is to look at life from the dog’s point of view and what will make the dog most fulfilled.

  4. Imho, I feel/think that the only thing the animal rights agenda has is to line their pockets with the hard earned cash of the well meaning folks around the world and devoid the world of animals. HSUS touts their message for animal ‘welfare’ yet does not contribute one iota of its millions of donations to animal welfare, only to propaganda – ditto goes to PETA. Follow the money.

    IMO, the “animal rights” folks are no better than evangelists who are millionaires with lofty churches where the money from their own congregation should be put to better use to help the needy instead of building their ‘castles to heaven’. How many lives could be touched – helped – with the money provided from the people that want to help except it goes into the coffers of the church to build more propaganda, media events, useless buildings?

  5. I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  6. where do u place the elastic on the tail of the pup? how long is the tail? iam having a litter of pups and iam not sure where to place the elastic.All the vets around me have never worked on aussies so they are not sure how long either.

  7. Hello Les,

    It depends on how short you want the tail. Generally speaking you should place the band between the second and third joint (vertebrae) which will yield about a two to three inch tail at maturity. The breed standard allows for a maximum tail length of up to four inches.

    All the best,
    Jeanne Joy

  8. i’m considering not docking the tails of my next litter. My aussies are companion and therapy dogs. I’ve recently been studying animal behaviorist such as Patricia McConnell and Turrid Rugaas regarding intraspecies communication. I’m wondering if a bob tail interferes with the dog’s ability to communicate clearly. Does anyone have information about that?

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